• Improve Lucas's sword fighting ability. You can hit multiple targets with only one swing.

  • Double the arrow damage. The player who likes the ranged weapon and hunting will feel more comfortable entering the forests.

  • Adjust the mushroom effectiveness. Each time players consume a mushroom, their sword damage increase in five seconds.

  • Show the saved games after the game-over screen. This screen saves players time and helps a player to retry the game quickly.

  • Improve the UI of dialogue.

  • Reduce the required manures the players have to offer the guardian when they want to collect wood in the Secret forest.

  • Reduce the required manures for planting.

  • Add the confirmation screen when the player wants to return to the title screen.

  • Add some hints to the Tips & Tricks window.

  • Fix the tricky bug that stops Lucas get his sword in the very early stage of the game.

All the above improvements came from user feedback and reviews, and my mission is to listen and try my best to make the user experience better. Thank you for your support and patient.

If you want to try the beta of this version, please follow the guideline in this link.


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