Hello, fellow hogmasters! How are you all doing?

This time, last year, Hogvalord has made its first appearance. Certainly simple and humble at first, but with the help of our little community, this title kept growing little by little. Thanks to that, we are able to be here to celebrate the second summer. And we just found out something surprising about summer. That, according to Wikipedia, there are at least eight songs with the title "Summer Love" dating back to 1957. So, summer is a season of love, too, huh? Well, we are not sure about that. But we will take it as a good excuse to bring up our most expected update: RELATIONSHIP! Yay!


You have been working hard day after day since Early Access. You feel like you are a workaholic even in a game... Hold on, that's not our intention. We support work-life balance! So, let's take a break from the ranch, roam around the village and try to befriend someone.

  • You can now interact with Patricia - the young lady next door. It's not a hide and seek game, but you can only find her at some certain places, in some certain time of the day, and in a certain kind of weather.

  • Giving gifts to grow the relationship. Note that there are gifts that make them go yay, and gifts that just "mmm-okay". Gifting the right items will help raise the heart bar faster.

  • When you reach a certain point of the heart bar, you will be able to trigger heart events that will strengthen the bond between you and your crush. Heart events are special scenes or back stories that the NPC normally doesn't share.


  • Can't harvest honeycomb from Bee House in the following days if the player does not go to other locations.

  • The flower has a weird shape caused by the shader error.

Have a great summer time and happy romancing!

Again, thank you for supporting us by either choosing Hogvalord to play or giving us precious feedback. We truly appreciate it and will keep trying to make this game a pleasant experience.

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