How to hog in Hogvalord?

Hey guys, it's June now, two more weeks till Hogvalord release! Are you ready for a working holiday in our remote valley?

To prepare you for the best possible experience, we would like to introduce more about the hogs in today post. Because these little guys are the ones that you will eat, sleep, fight and angrily live with throughout the whole gameplay.

Piggies, in Hogvalord, are special. We design them to be individuals with their own behaviour. You don't have control over what they do. They act according to their needs of food, water and rest. They're lazy and silly. They like to wander. They love making deadly mess. As the owner, not only you need to be providing, but also have to monitor their stats closely. If the HP reaches 0, they are dead. Means, you lose a fortune!

Piggy is what piggy eat. The food affects the hog's shape. The difference won't be dramatic, but we think it adds in the fun.

In case that's still not entertaining enough... Don't worry, just keep feeding our gluttons with more stuff until they turn into mythical creatures! Starts with 3 different basic hogs and have fun experiment around!

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