Home Sweet Home Update

Hello, fellow hogmasters! How are you all doing? We are back with another exciting content this time.


It's been almost half a year since Hogvalord was released in Early Access. For people who have tried this title since the very beginning, you could tell that this isn't a usual farming game. It's tough in many ways. A limited number of items provided by the local merchant, energy points that dropping after each task you performed, tricky monsters, nightly harassment on your own land, etc. We know that not everyone is a fan of action and survival. Some of us prefer a relaxing and tranquil gameplay, like most pure farming games would offer. Hence, that's the meaning of this update: to let you play the game however you favor.

Unlike the tent, a house provides you with a shelter that completely protects you from monsters at night. While you are inside a house, outside time is stopped, as well as no one can disturb your beauty sleep. There are two modes: nap to recover energy or sleep until the next morning.

To build a house, you need to purchase a blueprint from the village merchant and have 100 woods and 100 stones in your inventory.

Again, thank you for supporting us by either choosing Hogvalord to play or giving us precious feedback. We truly appreciate it and will keep trying to make this game a pleasant experience.

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