Hogvalord Showbiz

Dear future farmers,

As you know, Hogvalord is out on 18 June, hence our developer is currently spending all his superpower on the code job to make sure it will be a smooth debut.

That aside, today's main topic is about Hogvalord Showbiz!!! It's a remote village, the community is small, the folks are rather odd, but they definitely aren't shy away from making introduction to the newcomer. Meet our funny and friendly valley dwellers: Christy, Patricia, Michael and Forest Guardian.

[b]Christy[/b]: Christy is a tough looking and stubborn woman, owner of a big estate in the Great Hills. Despite being a hogmaster, she never successfully raise any hog. In the end, she has to open a butchery service for a living.

[b]Patricia[/b]: A young girl resides at the foot of the Great Hills. Patricia is angelic, but sadly not a vegan, she loves eating meat, especially bacon. It's no surprise that later she becomes Lucas' first and most regular customer.

[b]Michael[/b]: The bloke is the one and only farmer in the village. Michael cherishes labour and love to encourage people to work. Hence, he always opens to hire the other villagers and his payments is so high that he almost never makes any profits from the farm.

[b]Forest Guardian[/b]: Protector of the trees, representative of (the tree's) justice. He guards the forest 24/7 to punish any daring woodcutter. But if you have what he likes, maybe we can discuss this a bit.

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