Gacha Potion Update

Hello fellow farmers, hope you guys are having a great time in the valley.


We've just got news from the National Department of Agriculture! They are developing a new magical potion that can give your piggies more fashionable outlooks. Our merchant already have the first batch of potion in stock!!! Check it out!

What's more? In this patch we also add in a logbook for you. Raise all type of hogs and record that in your collection!


  • Adding more variation for Lucas' sword fight animation

  • Item: mushroom effect now will last longer, enjoy the superpower of mushroom hero!

  • Economy balancing: rock price is reduced to 40 gold per piece. We hear your whispering, friends 😇

  • Building adjustment: you only need 1 hammer hit to construct the fence after this patch. We know labour work is tough and time consuming. Hope this will save your (half a) day!

LAST but not LEAST, thank you for supporting us by either choosing Hogvalord to play or giving us precious feedbacks. We truly appreciate it and will keep trying to make this game a pleasant experience.

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