Farming Update

Hello fellow hogmasters, we are back with more update and improvements. Are you ready to sweat even more than before?


Finally, the farming feature is here. Since the hogs start giving more and more babies whenever they like to, our merchant can barely keep up with the food supply. So he decided to sell you farming skill books instead. Now you can learn to grow veggies by yourself. It would be tiring, but we hope you enjoy the process!

Treasure finding: if you ever feeling poor, just go to the Spring Forest, you will find a not very secret fortune there.


  • Rebalance the first part of the game to reduce problems that prevent players to progress.

  • Reduce the number of hit you need to perform when building some stuffs.

  • Tutorial adjust: change Christy's location so players doesn't have to run around too much.

  • Christy's tent now can restore energy faster.


Fixed notification misbehavior when player misses an attack.

Again, thank you for supporting us by either choosing Hogvalord to play or giving us precious feedbacks. We truly appreciate it and will keep trying to make this game a pleasant experience.

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