Development Small Talk

Hello there fellow digi-farmers! How are you all doing?

So, Hogvalord is almost 2 months old in Early Access now. We are still a bit far from a fully polished product. But the content is getting richer after each update and bugs reports that we received. From small little ones to big bad ones that make us want to faint at first sight. And as always, we would like to shout out a big thanks for taking the trouble and getting back to us!

That said, we want to make it clear that, during this Early Access period, we are still a work-in-progress product, so please bear with us that bugs and beasts might appear somewhere, anywhere after a new update. But rest assured, we won't leave you hanging.

If you run into any trouble, don't hesitate to poke us here on Steam or anywhere else that you see us, FB/ Twitter/ website/ etc. We will either provide a fast hotfix, or fixing it directly on your save file. You can send it to us through

In case you wonder where is the save file, and how to report:

Description and screenshots of the bug would be much appreciated!


  • Our merchant is ordering a new weapon for you, he can't stand seeing you torn and scratched like a rag every single day.

  • You need more honey to heal. But wild bees are too wild? How about homemade bees?

  • Tired of mouse clicking? Don't worry. Keyboard support is coming! The legendary A,W,S,D!

Before ending our small talk today, we would like to thank you for supporting us by either choosing Hogvalord to play or giving us precious feedbacks. We truly appreciate it and will keep trying to make this game a pleasant experience.

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