Dear hogmasters ,

As the title already addressed, we would like to have this post as a thank you letter to you guys - those who care about Hogvalord since it was still from scratch, those who have given this game a try, and especially those who were willing to walk an extra mile to write us feedback and reviews. For us, developers, there is no greater reward than knowing that the product we worked so hard on brings joy to the players. As for friends who didn’t find this game is your cup of tea, we hope our future products will entertain you better!

On this occasion, we also would like to announce that the development for Hogvalord has come to an end. We will continue to monitor and fix bugs (shout out if you spot any!), but there will be no major content updates until further notice.

So… Is this a farewell? You asked.


Hogvalord holds a special position for us. It’s baggage that has been following our lead developer for years (he has a burning passion for making a piggy-raising game). It’s our studio's first product. A debut that is full of trial and error due to our lack of experience. As many reviewers have mentioned, Hogvalord has a promising core and concept, but the execution didn’t bring out its best. Besides, we found that most people are interested in the pig caring gameplay rather than other aspects. Hence, we decided to continue this franchise. But this time, we will focus entirely on raising simulation and ranch management.

In other words, we are smithing the next title right now!

Stay tuned for the new journey guys!

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