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An RPG game where you will play as Lucas, whose dream is to start a farm business in his homeland. But life is not easy, with many monsters around that location attacks the farm every night. What can you do to survive without a superpower or magical skill?


Key Features

  • Story-oriented gameplay: farming is not just for a living, farming is a part of the story. Figure out what has been threatening the peace of your homeland as the story progresses. Beware of choices, it can lead to a dreadful ending.

  • Gathering: wander dangerous forests, collect resouces to build your farm.


  • Design your own farm: build your farm however you like, be it a maze, a home or simply a dump. Just a small reminder, your farm is also your warzone 😄


  • Raise your hogs manually: provide them food, water or... weird potion. If they're happy, they can give birth to little piggy once in a lifetime.


  • Hog evolution: "piggy is what piggy eats", the food affect the hog's shape. Raise different type of hogs and evolve them into different mythical creatures. Yes, mythical creatures, then maybe they aren't that useless after all.


  • Combat: fight and defend the farm like a real medieval peasant. No magic, no superpower, time to work out some muscles and brain cells


  • Growing crops: grow you own organic veggies to feed the hogs.

  • Visual: top-down cute 3D graphics plus 2D beautiful hand painted character portraits & illustrations.